It’s that time of year again! We’ll soon be seeing cars and camper vans packed with bags, cricket wickets and rugby balls and of course the kids...

While most Kiwis have the “She’ll be right” attitude and believe that nothing will go wrong, reality can be a pain in your pocket!

Travelling overseas?

If you are travelling overseas it is a well-known fact that hospitals and medical services cost a small fortune!

You automatically get travel insurance when you use your Master Card or Visa Card to buy air tickets but it does not cover every eventuality. You need to read your policy carefully to find out what it covers.

Do your research and look at the range of cover and plans on offer. Travellers have different needs so cover should be tweaked to fit requirements.

A few tips:

  • Make copies of all of your travel documents and keep them in a different place from your originals
  • Take note of your credit card numbers, bank and insurance company contact numbers. It's a good idea to send an email to yourself with the details so you can access it from anywhere
  • Don’t carry all your cash and cards in the same wallet

Let the next-door neighbours know you’re going away

It’s a good idea to have someone keep an eye on the property while you’re away, also make sure someone is clearing the mailbox for you.

Social Media

It may be tempting to share your holiday plans and snaps on social media, however keep in mind you could also be advertising your empty home to potential burglars.

Use Airbnb?

Good idea to notify your insurer. Under most standard contents policies, theft or intentional damage is not covered if you allowed people into the house.