Contents insurance covers more than just TVs, mobile phones and jewellery -- as a new list of curious claims released by AA Insurance proves.

In the last few years, it's paid out for a damaged jade cabbage sculpture, a stolen horse massager and a foldable electric skateboard.

"Some customers don't make a claim because they don't realise that their more unusual items are covered under their contents insurance," says Simon Hobbs, head of claims. "But they really should get in touch with us."

He says he's keen to help Kiwis understand how to make their insurance work for them, and ensure they contact their insurer if they're uncertain about any of their items.

"That's why we've put a list of claims together, based on our own data, to let people know that more often than not they're not the only ones with an unusual claim, and that we're here to help." Read more...