A recent survey from AMP shows that women between the ages of 18-39 are three times more likely than males to rely on their partner to help them if they faced losing their income for three months or more.

This might be okay if it isn't the main breadwinner that falls ill, but it's not likely to act as adequate insurance if it is the main breadwinner who is unable to work.

There may be some income inequality which drives this behaviour with some couples insuring just one person in their relationship - the one that earns the most.

However, if the female in the relationship that gets ill has children, who is going to be able to step in and look after that person and the kids? 

Survey results showed that the next best plan for people in the 18-39 age group was to rely on family but are mum and dad ready for that?

Check out this video from AMP with Blair Vernon on why young women are under insured on the Paul Henry Show.


Source: amp.co.nz