You’ve probably made a smart decision to protect those dearest to you with Life Insurance...

But could you afford to pay the bills and medical fees if you were debilitated by a life threatening illness or injury? - You may need to consider 'Trauma Cover' or known as Critical Illness cover.

How does it work?

It provides you with a lump sum payment to use any way you like if you suffer a specified serious illness or injury, or undergo a serious medical procedure outlined in your policy.

It’s completely up to you how to use the money – for example to help pay the mortgage, to cover medical expenses or to pay school fees. This helps you focus on treatment and recovery.

Here are some numbers:

True story on how Trauma Cover has helped a Kiwi family

Aroha was 42 and married with two young children when she went to the doctor with a ‘niggle in her back’. After a specialist referral, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

With the payment she received, Aroha and Bill chose to pay off their mortgage. This meant Bill could take time off work to be with Aroha and look after their children.

Five years on, she’s doing fine. Aroha and Bill continue to enjoy the security of knowing that even if the cancer returns, they’ll still be mortgage-free.

Need help?

To help you decide what level of trauma cover is right for you, contact the friendly team at Core Advice - They’ll be able to help you tailor a plan that will suit your needs and provide you with a quote.

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