There is a difference! The costs of living are constantly increasing – food, rates, power and heating, phone, rent or mortgage repayments – you name it, just covering the basic bills is getting expensive. Which means that once you retire and income reduces, keeping up with things becomes even harder.

We all want to have a nice comfortable retirement – maybe take a holiday, do some overseas travel, or visit the grandkids. These things all take time which you have plenty of in retirement and more importantly, require a lot of money. While NZ Super provides a basic level of income, at $591 / week for a couple who both qualify, it only takes a large vehicle repair bill or unexpected expense to create some serious financial problems. And that’s just keeping up with the bills.

KiwiSaver is a great start for retirement savings but for many of us, this just won’t be enough to cover all the extra things we want to do with our free time. With the proposed increase to the current retirement age of 65, it will be necessary to have other savings outside of KiwiSaver and any Government superannuation for those wanting to retire early. The key is to start early, saving small amounts on a regular basis and let time take care of the rest. 

You are a long time retired, but don’t just survive during your retirement years – contact us to start planning now for a comfortable retirement.