We have always known that our clients are fairly special people with many hidden talents and after work activities but John Nelson is busier than most.

John is a multi-talented computer technician, singer/songwriter, musician and movie star – this man has got it all going on!

In a former life John was a hardworking Scottish ICT technician who saw the light and emigrated to NZ with wife Patsy for a better climate. Adviser Ross Frater has been working with John & Patsy since their arrival in Blenheim helping them into their beautiful home and sorting out their insurances. Their family home is a popular destination for friends and family visiting New Zealand and has hosted hundreds of visitors over recent years.

John, along with a former school friend from Scotland, Tones Thorburn (who incidentally also moved to NZ) formed the band Late Model European. They have recently recorded their debut album at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios, following in the footsteps of many legendary Kiwi artists to record there.

John has also made his feature film debut as a backing vocalist on the Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, currently screening in cinemas. His vocals feature as part of the crowd scene, providing John with a great story to share in the years ahead.

You can check out Late Model European on their Facebook page or Instagram and keep an eye (or ear) out for their debut album coming early 2019!

John and Patsy are great clients to work with and we look forward to seeing what’s ahead for this talented Kiwi.