SumExtra is a 'top up' cover that makes your AMP Home Plan - Maxi cover home insurance go further. It provides extra financial help if the cost of repairs or replacement for your house are ever more than your Sum Insured.

Here's how SumExtra works:

  • If your home is damaged or destroyed by fire or other non-natural disaster events, SumExtra makes sure you're completely covered for full replacement or repair costs - even if they are higher than your Sum Insured.

  • If your home is damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster (earthquake, natural landslip, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal activity, tsunami or fire resulting from any of these) and the cost of full replacement or repair is more than your Sum Insured, SumExtra will pay up to 10% more than your Sum Insured.

How do you get SumExtra cover? You start by getting an accurate written replacement cost estimate through a building professional or by using the Cordell residential value calculator (we can sit down and help you with this). The estimate needs to be less than three years old. Make sure you keep a copy of your replacement cost estimate or Cordell calculator result with your AMP Home Plan in a safe place, as you may need it if you ever have to make an insurance claim. Then you set your Sum Insured to be at least that value. With those things done, SumExtra is automatically yours under an AMP Home Plan - Maxi cover policy.

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