Quad bikes are a serial killer in New Zealand workplaces. Eighty-one people were killed on work quad bikes between January 2000 and October 2017. Three have died since July last year. Most fatalities and injuries are caused by roll overs.

WorkSafe has announced that it strongly recommends the use of crush protection devices (CPDs) on the back of quad bikes. CPDs provide a survivable space for the rider if he or she gets trapped under the quad bike and reduce the significant risk of suffocation and crush injuries.

WorkSafe’s policy clarification on using CPDs says that WorkSafe is likely to require CPDs on quad bikes in the future and that it will then enforce compliance if necessary. If a CPD is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and it harms a person in a roll over, WorkSafe says it won’t take enforcement action regarding the decision to install the CPD (read the full policy here).

ACC is supporting the move to install CPDs by providing a $180 subsidy for self-employed PCBUs and SMEs purchasing WorkSafe recommended CPDs.

In general, WorkSafe recommends that alternative vehicles are used instead of quad bikes if this is reasonably practicable. Further information on the safe operation of quad bikes is available on the WorkSafe website.

Source: Vero Liability